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GEM - Git Environments Manager

This application is moved to here with version 1.2.0

This application is aimed to help anyone who manages several different Git workspace environments on his machine, recycling them per need and usage.

The motivations are
  1. A clone or workspace copy operations take much longer than a simple checkout and pull.
  2. You anyway find yourself managing several workspaces, even of the same remote repo, and has to keep track of what you were doing on each and every one of them.

The application is a systray icon, which allows to configure a root folder from where to look for Git environments. Once identified, the Git environments are presented with mouse hover over the systray icon, and with a click - allows more actions to be done with any of them (when right-clicking on the chosen environment).
The Git environments are being tracked automatically, and you only need to refresh them when you alter add or delete a workspace to the tree.

If you find this application useful, or have any other comment, i'd like to hear about it. Please contact me.

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